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Bombs Away


The game is similar to Battle Ship with one major difference; the ships move.  Click the "Start" button to begin.  To set your army, click on each piece and move it to where you want it.  The routes each piece will move are shown by the red arrows.  The enemy's army moves the same way.  Once you have your ships where you want them press the "OK" button.  Now you will take turns firing missles by selecting the square you want to fire on and pressing "Fire".  To fire a scatter bomb click the "Scatter Bomb" check box before firing.  Scatter Bombs hit 5 squares at once relative to the square you choose.  Squares with blue circles in them are squares you've fired on before.  Squares with numbers in them show how many hits you've had in that square. Remember, the pieces are moving so just because you didn't hit anything in a square doesn't mean you never will and just because you did hit something in a square doesn't mean you won't hit something again.


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